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A Prayer for 2021

Dear Lord,

Thank You for bringing me out of 2020 with, still, a heart for You. Last year was the most extreme test of my faith that I’ve ever experienced. Whenever I made it through one test, another one usually wasn’t far off. There was no way I could’ve prepared for the trials You set before me last year, but I did the best I could by staying connected to You. Even through all the things that took place, I never thought to walk away from you. That progress is what I’m most proud of walking into 2021.

It’s been some dark days Lord, but You’ve seen me through every step of the way. Leaning on You this year looked like me laying on the floor and You being the floor. Can’t lean any more than that. Lol. Thank You for having [the entire Bible but especially] the book of Job at my fingertips to refer to as often as I needed to. Thank You for keeping me, guiding me, teaching me, disciplining me, loving me, and never leaving me.

You never waiver. Therefore, my faith should always mirror that. Never wavering faith, that’s the goal.

2021 I declare a year of restoration, passion, and purpose.

I have no choice but to constantly reflect on all the things you’ve brought me through as well as the things You’ve kept me from. Your grace and mercy will never cease to blow my mind.

2020 tried to, quite frankly, turn me against You. Thank You for the strength and the ability to always keep my eyes on You.

Thank You for not letting the dark thoughts overshadow the light that You provide.

Here’s to 2021. I commit this year and the rest of my life to You, Lord.


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