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Meet Kiara

The Ki Component specializes in organizational structuring, project management, and event planning. Systems are our North Star at TKC therefore, we operate with radical efficiency to ensure that your projects and events are handled in the most effective streamlined way possible. My purpose is to remove the tasks you deem tedious or overwhelming off your plate, so you can focus on other aspects of your business/organization.

I like to think of myself as an efficiency expert. I’m here to tangibly help you walk out the phrase “Work smarter not harder.” and to maximize your capacity as a business owner or company.



Project Management

Event Planning

Virtual Assistance

Strategic Planning/ Communications


Let's identify the key components to make your business run smoother!

“Kiara, has been a go-to for me long before she started her own business. Her organization, planning, strategy and implementation skills have been stellar for than 6+ years that I have been working with her. Starting her own business was a given and a great decision as she is able to make your business more streamlined and efficient from her 1st day in service to your company. Kiara and I are currently in partnership and I could not be more satisfied with her commitment and output.”

-Kristina Dove
Community Power Consulting

“Ki has been a gamechanger for my brand’s growth. Project management was a missing link for me getting projects off of the ground and she has taken accountability to new heights through her execution and always remaining one step ahead.”

-Khaila Sloan
The Minor Detail

"Ki did an amazing job helping out with my event. Not only did she take over logistical tasks that helped the event go off without a hitch. She also proposed ideas and solutions that I didn’t think of leading up to the event. Both of these things kept me from being overwhelmed and made the event more enjoyable than it would’ve been without her! 13/10 would recommend!"

-Ernest Williams
Ernest Moments

Over the past 7 months, Kiara has played such a vital part on my team as my campaign project manager. Prior to working with her, I struggled to  manage all of my campaigns on my own. Once I explained all of my pain-points to Kiara, she quickly jumped onboard , learned all of the work streams and tasks required in efficiently managing my campaigns, and took on her new role like a champ! Kiara has done an amazing job at not only managing all of the moving parts of my campaigns, but also staying on top of upcoming deadlines and deliverables; in other words she keeps me in check and I appreciate her for that! I’ve never felt more organized than I have since working with Kiara and her services have allowed me to both scale and streamline my business. She’s truly the perfect addition to my (and anyone else’s) team!

- Kyra Knox

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