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Give Yourself Grace

I want to open up with an unpopular opinion today. Y’all Christians can be some of the most self-righteous people on this planet. I see instances of it often, and I’m sure I unintentionally exhibit some of those behaviors from time to time. God usually snatches me up one way or another per usual, but let’s be real.

You ever feel like since God has delivered you from something that you can’t get caught slippin’?

Like “Oh, I don’t struggle with that anymore so I’m good.”?

Let me give y’all some advice: Don’t play yourself. Lol. An old habit/sin can spin the block and pull RIGHT back up on you, at any given moment. It’s happened to me recently, in more ways than one, and that’s what I want to talk about today, but let’s start here.

Ephesians 2:8-9

For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast.

ANYTHING that you have overcome is not because you all of a sudden had the power to change. It’s because God did a work in you to allow you to push past it. It’s not for you to brag about or make people feel less than when they are still struggling with an issue that you have come out of. It’s for you to add it to your testimony to show others about the goodness of God. Period.

Now that we got that out the way.

I’ve been in this super reflective state lately, which is amazing when it comes to thinking about all the things that God has done for me. This time last year, I was living in an apartment that I had no peace in, I was involved in a situationship that was chipping away at me, and my relationship with God was in SHAMBLES although growing. God restored each and every one of those situations, and I’m so grateful.

But reflection also has a dark side to it.

Those the closest to me know that I struggle with negative self-talk. I get in my head about what I should be doing, where I should be in life, where I’ve come up short, and from there it’s a downward spiral. That’s what I meant when I referenced things that God has brought you out of. I’ve gotten SO much better at seeing myself as God sees me and loving myself where I am. However, even though I KNOW what all God has done for me, I still sometimes find a way to go back to beating myself up.

Take working out, for example.

After being consistent with my workouts this year, I decided to take a couple months off. Initially it was because I was working two jobs and was exhausted, and then it was because I was in the process of finding a new apartment and moving. Ultimately, I kept making excuses as to why I couldn’t workout. So, there I was, eating what I wanted to and not doing ANYTHING active for months, living what seemed to be my best life.

…until I ran out of excuses and it was time to start work out again.

Then I got in my head.

“Omg, I can only imagine how much weight I’ve gained.”

“If I would’ve started working out years ago, I’d be skinny by now.”

“I really can pull dudes at my current weight, so should I even work out?”

Then came me not even wanting to go back to workouts because I knew it was going to hurt due to the long break I took. Luckily, I have amazing accountability partners in my life that push me when I really don’t want push myself. I probably wouldn’t ever have gone back if it weren’t for them and God convicting me about being lazy. I went back to workouts this morning and I’m still alive to post this blog, so we thank God. I know I’m a day late with it, but I didn’t want to just write about something for the heck of it. God put this on my heart this morning, so I wanted to share. You have to learn how to give yourself grace when navigating whatever you’re going through. Give yourself space to not just go through it, but to grow through it as well.

So, whatever it is that you’re beating yourself up about, stop. Whether you’re like me and have fallen off with your exercise and eating habits, or whether you’ve committed to celibacy and slipped up. Whatever the situation may be, give yourself enough grace to move past it in a healthy way. Don’t just sit there, stagnant and sad. Identify where you can improve and actually put forth the action to make those changes.

Thanks for reading!

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