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Expectancy is Ki

It’s so hard to remain positive in chaos. When it rains, IT POURS okay?! One thing after another. Life has a way of knocking you down, sometimes back to back. It takes a special kind of faith to remain expectant that God will still show up for you, when it seems that He’s allowed all kinds of undesirable things to happen. That’s been my year, lowkey. It’s been my December, for sure. December came in and two-pieced me before I could even really get excited about the holidays. Expensive car trouble. Health issues. Blah blah blah. It’s okay though because, surprisingly, I’m in great spirits. That’s reason number 152,073,846 that I know God is real. I haven’t really had time to sulk like I used to. I’ve been too connected to God to throw a pity party. Bad things continuously happening will prompt us to believe that things will always be that way, but naw. We ain’t living like that.

Can a year be simultaneously rough and rewarding? Keeping the rain metaphor going. Yes, when it rains it pours. However, the metaphor of a rainbow appearing after an intense storm is constantly at the front of my mind. Not because I’ve reached my rainbow yet, but because I’m confident my storm won’t last forever. I know the things that I’m going through are only propelling me to my purpose.

The same goes for you.

I don’t really have a scripture connected to this post, although I’m sure there are tons. I just want to brag on God and let y’all know that I’m so encouraged and expectant about the year we are about to walk into. It’s about to be insane.

2019 has been CRAZY y’all. This year I decided to jump into God’s arms and never look back. To clarify, I didn’t vow to be perfect because that would be impractical. However, I decided to surrender my life to Him in not only the areas that were easy, but the areas I actually needed Him the most. I thought it was a joke when they said, “when you start completely walking with God, the devil will come for you harder.” Satan’s ugly self was on his BS this year, but the way God showed out made it all worth it. Most people try to quantify blessings by taking inventory of the possessions they have. I like to take a look at how God has changed my habits and my heart. I’ve been blessed TREMENDOUSLY this year. I reached a year of celibacy this month, something that I wasn’t sure I could commit to. God rearranged my entire mindset in that area and I’m so proud of myself for being all in with Him.


We are coming up on the FIRST ANNIVERSARY of The Ki Component. That’s a consistent two posts a month for twelve months, totaling 24 posts. 24 posts?! What?! Without Him, I could never. The consistency. The willingness to put my struggles/thoughts on display for others to read. The fact that I put The Ki Component off for almost a year, basically running from something that God CLEARLY put on my heart. I’m so glad I stopped running.

Here’s to 2020. I expect it’s going to BLOW. OUR. MINDS.

God bless y’all.

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